Training Profile

Naturopathe: recognized training/education

The candidate must possess a college, university or an accredited private school, health science diploma. The curriculum must include these four areas of training:

  • Basic sciences: anatomy, physiology, chemistry,  physiopathology, biochemistry, etc
    Total: 600 hours

  • Naturopathic disciplines:  aromatherapy, botanical medicine, herbology, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, oligotherapy, phytotherapy, etc
    Total: 600 hours

  • Naturopathic modalities:  acupuncture, auriculotherapy, counseling, lymphatic drainage,  hydrotherapy, iridology, kinesiology, massotherapy, chinese medicine, psychology, osteopathy, etc
    Total: 1000 hours

  • Clinical experience: The candidate must have received 400 hours of practical training in which he has applied the theoretical notions.
    Total: 400 hours